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We can only succeed in our aims to preserve and promote our diving heritage with public support.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, you can play an invaluable part in helping us to realise our goals.

There are so many ways in which you can help. You can make a donation to our work, support a particular appeal, volunteer to be part of our team, attend our Annual Conferences, and make a gift of a legacy in your will. 

Please consider supporting us today.

Image of two volunteers using an antique hand-driven pump to pump air to a diver.


We are looking for people who share our passion for diving history to help us fulfil our aims of preserving and promoting our diving heritage.  We encourage a ‘buddy system’ of supporting each other in any given roles from maintaining and demonstrating vintage diving equipment to administrative help such as keeping in touch with the membership and cataloguing our growing collection of artefacts. Shared roles makes us stronger and more effective. Whatever your background or experience, everyone is welcome. We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers whose time and effort has ensured the continued success of the Society.


As a charity we rely entirely on the generosity of private individuals and organisations in order to flourish. You may choose to specify your gift to be used for a stated purpose, or perhaps donate in memory of a special individual.  However you chose to donate, you can be certain that your gift will be received with gratitude and will make a positive difference to our work.

Image of a diver underwater, wearing a historical diving suit and giving the Okay sign
Image of a pair of old, weighted diving boots


Charitable gifts left to the HDS are invaluable to us. A gift to the Society in your will helps us to create a long-lasting legacy that will inspire generations of divers and diving historians for years to come. We appreciate that making a bequest is a highly personal decision and we thank you for enabling us to continue to ensure that our diving history is never forgotten.

Thank you!

As a charity, your generosity and support is our life blood.  Whether your gift is financial or your time, it is an investment in a secure future for our diving heritage.