Welcome to issue 9 (2019) of the Historical Diving Society Newsletter. 5 August 2019.

People viewing the hull of SS Great Britain which is suspended above them

Bristol weekend?

The society has been asked if we might provide a static display at the Bristol Heritage Docks weekend on the 28/29th September.  There will be a lot going on at the Underfall Yard and elsewhere (see the website below) so it promises to be a lively weekend, with lots of visitors asking lots of questions and plenty of things to see.  If you would like to join in the fun contact Gary Wallace-Potter on hds@wallacepotter.com.  Some expenses have been offered.


Statue of an diver in standard diving dress on a plinth in an open sqaure being viewed by visitors

Ravenna monument

In the last RopeSignal we covered the unveiling of the statue outside the Italian National Museum of Underwater Activities, Ravenna, of a hard hat diver, a monument to the ‘Toilers of the Sea’.  Local TV interviewed Museum Curator Vincenzo Cardella at the time and the film can be seen at: https://www.teleromagna24.it/attualit%C3%A0/marina-di-ravenna-monumento-al-palombaro-inaugurato-al-mas-video/2019/6

Joint Conference

The Ordnance Society and the Nautical Archaeology Society are holding a joint conference this year on Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions: Ship and ordnance remains on land and under the society.  Much of the conference will concern ordnance recoveries from the sea.  For more information go to: