Welcome to issue 8(2019) of the Historical Diving Society Newsletter. 2 July 2019

Paddle Round the Pier this weekend

Saturday and Sunday, the 6/7th of July will see the Working Equipment Group in action at this year’s Brighton Paddle Round the Pier event.  Judging from the success of the WEG’s display last year it should be a great weekend.

Filming at Bideford

Working Equipment Group officer Ty Burton will be assisting a film company at Heartland Quay, Bideford (Post Code EX396DB) on Monday 8th July.  If you are in the region and can help please contact Ty on 07799 524584

Statue of a diver in standard dress on a plinth with onlookers surroundind it..

Italian Hard Hat Statue unveiled

In an earlier RopeSignal we recorded HDS Italia’s decision to erect a monument to the Hard Hat Diver, the Toilers of the Sea, as Victor Hugo describes them in his 1866 novel, which followed the trials and tribulations of Galliat, a Guernsey man and social outcast as he attempted to recover the engine of a wrecked ship and win the heart of the ship owner’s daughter.

On the 15th June the 2.3 metre bronze statue was officially unveiled in the square of the National Museum of Underwater Activities in Marina di Ravenna.  The base also depicts representations of the diving systems of Taccola (1433), Lorena (1531), Tartaglia (1551) and Borelli (1680)

Diver underwater in a swimming pool wearing a replica of an ancient diving su       it invented by Peter Kreeft of Germany

Kreeft replica dived in a tank

The Straslund TV Film of HDS Germany’s replica of Peter Kreeft’s early C19th diving suit being tank-dived as part of the International Museum Day can be watched at:


Black and white image of a diver wearing a vintage diving suit

Retro Diving Weekend in Czech Republic (Jiří Trpík Memorial)

The programme of the 5th Annual International Meeting organised by HDS Czech, to be held from September 13th – 15th 2019 at the Bořená hora quarry – Štětkovice by Sedlčany, in the Czech Republic has been announced:

Programme of events:
Friday September 13th Arrival of the first participants, friendly evening party

Saturday September 14th – the main programme Arrival of participants
10:00 opening Ceremony – exhibitions of historical diving gear from the collections of HDS CZ members, and historical diving gear, books, magazines, etc. to trade, buy or sell,
11:00 – diving historical and present-day diving gear, – presentations of diving helmet diving apparatus and old aqualungs, Note: Anyone who decides to participate in diving activities, does so at his/her own risk.
15:00 – Remembrance of Jiří Trpík, the first chairman of HDS CZ – The development and history of SATURN lung regulators, a lecture by Jan Beránek (CZE):  Appropriate other lectures – a film about historical diving,
19:00 – barbecue & beer party (15,- EUR/person) – close of the main programme – departure of participants without accommodation,

Sunday September 15th – free programme – diving of historical and current diving gear, – swimming, sunbathing, paddleboarding, – potential visit to auto veterans museum at Strnadice (about 5 km from the quarry)

Alteration of programme is reserved.

Accommodation In area of the quarry are 3bed/5bed chalets (bring your own sleeping bag and pillow), or in a tent or a caravan. To reserve a place in July call: Mrs. Olga Ryl (mobile: +420 604 555 983), or Mr. Ing. Daniel Ryl (mobile number +420 603 265 976) Parking is possible in the area of the quarry.
Hotel Florian in the city Sedlčany (about 6 km from the quarry)
To make a reservation call +420 318 822 207, or book through their website: hotelflorian.sedlcany@email.czwww.travelguide.cz/florian

Everybody is heartily welcome.

Ing. Oldřich Lukš v.r. Jaroslav Klepal v.r. president of HDS CZ coordinator of the Retro Diving 2019