Vasa I, the Archaeology of a Swedish Royal Ship of 1628, by C O Cederlund


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Vasa I, the Archaeology of a Swedish Royal Ship of 1628
Carl Olof Cederlund
Editor, Fred Hockler

Magnificent book about the Swedish ship, Vasa, which sank 20 minutes into her maiden voyage on 10 August, 1628. It describes the Vasa from its construction to its ill-fated maiden voyage, its excavation and preservation. A consideration of the historical context , naval history and technology add depth and value to understanding the story of the ship and it’s crew.

Contents arranged in 4 parts + Introduction:
Introduction 1624-1628: Construction, Arming, Maiden voyage, Finding fault
1. The Site: Physical environment, Salvage  attempts, From Liberton to Franzen (including the Fahnehjelm diving dress)
2. From Discovery to recovery: Creating the Vasa Project, The first lift 1957-59, Preparing for the final lift 1959-61
3. Excavation of Vasa’s interior: Methodology and preparation, Upper gun deck, Lower gun deck, The hold, The Orlop, Post excavation investigations of closed finds.
4. Post-recovery exploration and documentation: An evolving organisation, At the Wasa shipyard 1961-67, At the wreck site 1963-67, Looking back

Hardback. Blue cloth cover with debossed silver titling on cover and spine.
As new condition.
This is a large book weighing almost 4 kg

491 pages
B&W photographs, central section of 48 colour plates, plus 6 folded plans
255 mm x 305 mm (10 in x 12 in)
2006, Statens Maritima Museer (Swedish State Maritime Museum), Stockholm

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