US Navy Diving Manual, NAVSHIPS 250-538


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US Navy Diving Manual, NAVSHIPS 250-538, 0283-206-5405
US Navy Department

Looseleaf file with yellow card cover and metal strip fastener. Cover marked and edges soft and rubbed. Company stamp (Sub Aqua Products) at bottom of cover and on first page. Historical Diving Society stamp on top right hand corner of first page and HDS book plate on inside front cover. Inside pages in good condition.

Part 1: General Principles of Diving: Underwater physics and physiology; basic diving procedure; diving tables; hazards; safety precautions; qualifications and training.
Part 2: Surface supplied diving: Standard diving equipment; communications; air supply; boats and floats; procedures.
Part 3: Self contained diving: Techniques; equipment; open, closed and semi-closed circuit scuba; closed; stability of scuba.

B&W photos and illustrations
220 mm x 282 mm (approx. 8.75 in x 11 in)
1965, US Navy Department

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