US Navy Diving Manual, 1963


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US Navy Diving Manual, Part 1, 1963
US Navy Department

Looseleaf file with pale green card cover and metal strip fastener. Cover faded to buff colour and heavily marked. A large sticker/tape has been removed from top of front cover which has removed the surface of the card. Naked spine. Strip fastener operational but rusted in places. First 8 ‘pages’ are printed plastic dividers – the tabs of which have broken off most of them. Cover board imprinted ‘Part 1’ although the contents include 3 parts. Leading edge of the few pages that have protruded beyond the page block are rubbed and worn. No pages missing.

Part 1: General Principles of Diving: Underwater physics and physiology; basic diving procedure; diving tables; hazards; safety precautions; qualifications and training.
Part 2: Surface supplied diving: Standard diving equipment; communications; air supply; boats and floats; procedures.
Part 3: Self contained diving: Techniques; equipment; open, closed and semi-closed circuit scuba; closed; stability of scuba.

B&W photos and illustrations
200 mm x 260 mm (approx. 8 in x 10.3 in)
1963, USN

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