Underwater World magazines, Apr–Dec 1966


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Underwater World, incorporating Inner Space and Underwater Technology
Underwater World Ltd, Poole

9 issues: April to December 1966 inclusive.
All in good condition.

April: Seas of the Moon by Patrick Moore; Sea Cow by John Steinbeck;
The first beginners, by Jack Atkinson.
May: Riches of the Sea, by John L Mero; Church under the Sea by Alexander McKee; Hunter or the hunted, by Ron Taylor.
June: Clean Seas, by Barry Richardson; Tobermory Treasure by Derek Eastham; Killer of Spencer’s Gulf, by Brian Kennington.
July: Sea Swallows by Terry Jennings; Lost £5 million, by B Fairest; Bermuda coral outpost, by Mark Blaber.
August: Diving around Britain, by Leo Zanelli’ Strange craft for sea quests, by Arthur Gaunt; Intelligent creatures beneath the sea, by Cleeland Bean.
September: Underwater photography; Marine biology; Seawater aquaria
October: Brighton conference report; IERE, Heligoland, Frankfurt – notes.
November: An invitation to divers to take part in a research project; Marine biology course.
December: Irish underwater film festival; Diving in Ireland; Marine aquaria; Spearfishing


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