Underwater World magazines – 1980/81


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Underwater World magazines
Marsh Publications Ltd, London

210 mm x 300 mm (approx. 8.5 in x 11.75 in)

5 issues:
December 1980: Mike Ballentyne; Desert diving; British nudibranchs; Armada cannons at Bideford; Wide angle lenses.
January 1981: Tin Can salvage; Thistle pipeline; VHF radio on an inflatable; The Faeroe Islands; Stan Waterman; Octopush
February 1981: Wreck of the Cromdale; Inflatable boat test; Operation Drake; HPNS; Helium Conservation; Crustaceans.
June 1981: Echo sounders; Nikonos IV-A camera; David and Jenny George; survival offshore; Early salvage on the Anson; British nudibranchs; Divers anecdotes; Octopush
September 1981: Shipwreck Special. Inflatable info; Scallop diving; Goodwin Sands wrecks; The Bronze Bell wreck; Beneath the Mary Rose; The Hollandia; The wreck of the Coronatioin; Treasure of the Needles; Swanage Shipwreck; Charlestown wreck museum; Wreck detection.

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