Underwater Work Techniques Manual, Volume 2, US Navy


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Underwater Work Techniques Manual, Volume 2
Navsea 0994–LP–007–8020
Naval Sea Systems Command, US Navy

Stapled pages with 3 holes for a 3-ring binder. Fair condition. Front cover slightly creased and faded along the spine; lower corner of back cover missing. Handwritten on the spine is ‘Underwater Techniques’. Inside pages in good condition.

Contents: Underwater work planing preparations and precautions; Tools and support;
Underwater tasks, submarines: Descriptions of submarines; Drydocking preparations; Ballast tank inspection and repair; Rodmeter removal and installation; BQH sonar inspection and cleaning; DUUG hydrophone cable replacement; Propellor shaft seal at stern tube; Manual vent control valve repairs; Windlass inspection and maintenance; Rope guard removal and clearing of retainer ring; Sonar dome inspection and maintenance; Ballast tank blowdown valves removal;
Garbage disposal unit; Trash disposal unit; Trim drain system; Signal ejector system; Main seawater openings; Zinc anode inspection/replacement and impressed current system inspection; Hull inspection; Propellor removal and installation;
Underwater tasks, surface ships. Description of hulls; Hull inspection; Hull openings; Rudder inspection; CP system inspection and zinc replacement; Sonar dome inspection and cleaning; Sea chest cleaning; Fairwater inspection removal and replacement; Propellor shaft seal at stern tube; Propellor inspection, maintenance and repair; Propellor removal and installation.

362 pages
Black and white photographs and illustrations
215 mm x 278 mm (approx. 8.5 in x 11 in)
1971, Naval Sea Systems Command, US Navy, Washington DC

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