Triton magazines in folder, 1968–69


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Triton magazines in Triton folder.

Hardback magazine binder. Corners rubbed and small marks on cover.
207 mm x 278 mm (8 in x 11 in)
1.4 kg

February 1968: Amanda gold; Adventure and research; The kelp project; DOs at Crystal Palace; Man in the sea (part III); The breathalyser AGM; Raising the wind; BSAC branch secretaries.

June 1968: The Whitstable catch; Fishermen v. Divers; Underwater photography and you; Underwater with the Russians; Underwater techniques; Moray eels.

August 1968: Blast the treasure; Collision course; Scientific adventure and you; Comex plans; It’s not just a pretty face; Taking good pictures; On watch; In search of squashed urchins.

October 1968: human sacrifice at sacred well; Project Ocean Capsule; A great achievement; The life and lair of the crayfish; Romans were fond of theatre.

December 1968: Mud, bombs and gold; A lifesaver in your wallet; Brighton conference report; Photo festival results; Let’s breathe pure air; The monster of Larne.

February 1969: Kariba dam; DO’s conference highlights; Treasure in Blasket Sound; The Deepest yet; Underwater nature reserves.

April 1969: Cornish loot and where it lies; Another deep diving record; Down to the ships in the sea; Corals of the British coast; Down with gear at Windermere; First diving library; Siphon diving; BSAC secretaries list.

June 1969: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award; Triton boat test – Dory sports; The league of octopushers; The longhope lifeboat of tragedy; Regional Coaches; BSAC branch secretaries.

August 1969: Triton boat guide No. 2; Fortress in Corsica; Gulf Stream drift; Diver in the lifeboat; A universal ‘A’ clamp; A very lucky fellow; Back Britain underwater; Guns in Yugoslavia; Fight for Armada treasure.

October 1969: Triton Boat Guide No. 3; Helium dive in the silent cave; A shark for your mantlepiece; Which watch; In the ‘Monsters’ lair; Boathandling – an object lesson; The art of Ben Cropp.

December 1969: Triton boat guide No. 4; Spearfishing news; Rebuilt that crab; Who’s Maid Marian; Saturated off Malta; And 4000 later; those leaking watches; The Heinke award 1968.

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