Triton Magazines, 1969–1970


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Triton bi-monthly magazines in official Triton folders.
12 issues from 1969–1970
Black cloth spine and blue faux leather binder with silver title ‘triton’ debossed on the spine.
Folder: 205 mm x 278 mm x 45 mm (approx. 8 in x 11 in x 2 in).

Jan–February: Kariba Dam; DO’s Conference highlights; Treasure in Blasket Sound; The deepest yet; Underwater nature reserves.
Mar-April: Cornish loot and where it lies; Another deep diving record; Down to the ships in the sea; Corals of the British Coast; Down with gear at Windermere; Siphon diving.
May–June: Duke of Edinburgh’s Award; Triton boat test – Dory Sports; Cooking; Octopushers league; Longhope lifeboat tragedy
July–August: Triton boat guide No. 2; Fortress in Corsica; Gulf Stream Drift; Universal ‘A; clamp; Guns in Yugoslavia; Fight for Armada treasure.
Sept–October: Triton boat guide No. 3; Helium dive in a silent cave; Shark for your mantelpiece; Which watch; In the ‘monster’s’ lair; The art of Ben Cropp.
Nov–December:  Triton boat guide No. 4; Rebuild that Crab; Who’s Maid Marian?; Saturated off Malta; Those leaking watches; And 4,000 years later.

Boats at the Show; The Amsterdam Mudlark; The AGM;  Underwater off Newfoundland; The Diving Officer’s Conference.
Mar-April: Have we found the Coronation?; Triton boat guide No. 5; Divers – through the eyes of babes and striplings; National Boat show; Under the Aegean; Are you getting your share?
May–June: Project Starfish; Triton boat guide No. 6; Birth of a manta; Mayflower 70; Electrolung and dry suit; Rescue in Thurso Bay; Record breaking dive; Meet Terry Sub-Aqua.
July–August: Gold, at a price; Triton boat guide No. 7; Straight from the fish’s mouth; The pool problem; Re-enter the Gladiators.
Sept–October: The Compleat Seaman; Meet with a big fellow; The open water problem; The story of Jimmy Hodges; Are you a looter?; Your enemy at sea.
Nov–December:  The Compleat Seaman (part 2); Diving dollies of Tektite II, Operation Stork; Three ats below zero; Film festival pictures and results.

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