Triton magazines, 1967 & 1968


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Triton bimonthly magazines 1967 –1968
12 issues in official Triton binder

February: Underwater treasury of the Solent by Alexander McKee; Incident at Zembra by Reg Vallintine and Ron Blake; Are you fit to be a diver? by Al Murray; High speed inflatables by Busitilli, Doeg and Harwood.
April: Kraken by Roger Wiley; DIY wet suit by R Kingsford-Curram; Operation kelp by David Bellamy; 100 hours–800 feet by Dr Pierre Cabarrou; Diving for Nautilus by V C Barber.
June: The lake of lost ships; Bends – The culprits; Want to be a Pro? by Ian Fraser VC; Taking the plunge with CCPR by Jeremy Hazzard; The lifejacket game by Mike Busitilli; Diving in Kerry by Fergus Green
August: Diving on liquid air; Living in the Black Sea by Alexander Khaes; Build your own compressor by P G Dunkley; The Duke’s prize; Gibraltar.
October: The Selsey Project by Major Hume Wallace; The £1 million treasure of Sir Cloudesley Shovell by Lt Cdr J B Gayton; The Heinke Trophy 1966 by H A M Cruikshank; Weighty problem by George T Skuse.
December: World spearfishing championship by Peter Woodford; Britain’s performance by Colin McLeod; Sea Science by Dr David Bellamy; Man in the Sea by Robert Sténuit.

February: Armada Gold by Syd Wignall; The kelp project by David Bellamy; Man in the Sea by Robert Sténuit; Raising the wind by Alexander Flinder.
April: Koli Koli Kambesa, Futi and Grunter by Peter Saw; After operation kelp by David Bellamy; Judging distance underwater by Dr Helen E Ross.
June: The Whitstable catch; Fishermen vs Divers; Underwater photography and you by Colin Doeg; Underwater with the Russians by Yevgeny Alexandrov; Moray eels by Bill de Court.
August: Blast the treasure by Wade Doak; Scientific adventure and you by Dr John Woods; Taking good pictures by Slim Macdonnell and Reg Mason; In search of squashed urchins by P A Lumkin.
October: Human sacrifice at sacred wall by PeterWilliams; Project Ocean Capsule by Colin Irwin; The life and lair of the crayfish by George T Skuse; Romans were fond of Theatre by John James.
December: Mud, bombs and gold by Andy Whitelaw; A lifesaver in your wallet; Let’s breathe pure air by Peter Freeland; The monster of Larne by Hugh Hennessy.

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