Triton magazines, 1965 & 1966


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Triton bi-monthly magazines
11 issues of Triton in official Triton binder.

January: Underwater with the Sappers; Ley Kenyon profile; Sea rescue by Richard Larb; Divers views on diving by Don Shiers; Mystery find at the Galli isles.
April: Scotch on the Rocks, by George Wookey; Brains, brawn and teacher’s touch, by Christopher Swann; Organotin compounds and antifouling, by Sigmund Miller; The search for Cornwall’s wealth by Nigel Kelland; Distance and Safety in underwater swimming by A Kuzmichev
June: Crach Programme by J M H HInns; Underwater contact lenses; Not so much a pastime by Derek Cockbill; Treasure hunt off Florida by Dick Burke; Research at Alverstoke.
August: The threat of wreck fever by J Henderson; Submersible oil rig by K G Young; Marine geodesy by A George Mourad; Deep water depths by
Charles Ellis; Excavations at Waverley Abbey; Under the Red Sea by John Meredith; HMS Reclaim by Lt Cdr Alan Sagar
October: Thunderball; Call from the depths by M Fletcher; Facing up to the Fenzy; A diving doctor’s medical kit by Dr Jean Tailleur; OSI Underwater Archaeology by Nic Flemming.
December: Project Glaucus by Colin Newsome; Diving off Israel by alexander Flinder; The Royal Oak revisited by Gavin Konstam; Dizziness and diving by Surgeon Capt Stanley Miles.

February: It sure is adventure by Dick Burke; A vote for the future by Hugh Singer; Eilat by Richard Harris; Nitrogen Narcosis and the working diver by Dr Alan Baddeley.
June: The truth about that whisky by Reg Vallintine; The sea-women of Chey-Ju by Kay Simpson; Undersea operations Siebe style.
August: The natives think we are crazy by Andy Burgess; Open letter to Diving Officers by Derek Cockbill; Traces of the Roman by R Kingsford-Curram; SURV submersible vehicle.
October: Towards the ideal cylinder by Dr Ken Pearce; Underwater camera housings by Roy Midwinter; Safety in hand by Andrew Williams
December: Underwater treasury of the Solent by Alexander McKee; Finding the body by Dr F J Nicholl; Iron curtain search by Don Cullen; The key to better diving by Mike Busitilli

1966/7, Eaton Publications

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