Triton Magazines, 1963–1964 complete


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Triton bi-monthly magazines in official Triton folders.
Black cloth spine and blue faux leather binder with silver title ‘triton’ debossed on the spine.
Folder: 205 mm x 278 mm x 45 mm (approx. 8 in x 11 in x 2 in).

January–February: World Congress 1962; Preservation of specimens; Deep diving in the new aqualungs; British diving sites (part 2); Divers for geology and vice versa.
March–April:Breakthrough at Teneriffe; Seafari to the Isle of Man; Danger – high explosives; The Catalina disaster; Dive to new adventures.
May–June: Killer shrks and shark killers; Perils of progress; Undersea living 20 years ago; Claustrophobia – a risky test; Your chance to take the treasure trail; British divers abroad; Make your own flash gun; Diving sites of Great Britain.
July–August: National dive-site for the BSAC; British divers not so bad; Tony Baverstock; Future of the Trieste; Deep sea research projects; ‘Mine’ off Church Rocks.
September–October: Taming of the screw; Space money for ocean research; That treasure hunt; Living underwater – the problems; Whitaker’s courage  new verdict; Fatal accidents – the causes.
November–December:  Triton’s science advisers; Challenge of the Thames; Taming of the screw (part 2); Arthur C Clarke; Treasure of the Great Reef; Tough new diving standards.

January–February: Going great guns; Ancient anchors; Brian Booth; Dangers of cylinders; A disaster for Britain in Brazil?; Underwater caves of Malta; Lessons of the Thresher; Stoney Cove.
March–April: Diving holidays; Underwater surveys in Greece; Girls in the swim; Cannon and cannoneers; Grave of the Oregon; John Woods; Noisy deep.
May–June: Undersea gardeners study pollution; Diving holiday in Sweden; Harry Gould; Underwater photography; American work for diving saucer; Let’s put some DIOR into diving; Life saving; Search for a menace.
July–August: Watersports showdown; Meeting in Mexico; Teacher bird; Progeress towards the ideal demand valve; Better visibility for divers in dark waters; Night run in Jamaica; 165 diving accidents; Sunken treasure and a ‘dustbin lid’; Shraks and how to shock ’em.
September–October: Are you breathing bad air? Underwater observations of the squid; Savage world of priest and pirate; Real cool diving; Wail from a diving widow; sunken sities and ancient shore-lines; Divers need to navigate.
November–December: Raft race on the Derwent; Finned flyer on the ‘drag strip’; Lifesaver that can kill; Answer to a girl’s dilemma; Facts about the Aluminaut; Great Basses wreck; Colouration of seabirds; The diving priest of Palermo; Open water chaos.

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