Triton Magazines, 1959–1960 complete


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Triton bi-monthly magazines in official Triton folders.
Black cloth spine and blue faux leather binder with silver title ‘triton’ debossed on the spine.
Folder: 205 mm x 278 mm x 45 mm (approx. 8 in x 11 in x 2 in).

January–February: Piccard’s bathyscape will bring surprising news; Yankee Doodle diver; Guide to exotic life; A proud man o’ war reveals its secrets; Save our sea treasures;
March–April: From the invasion shores to the holiday beaches; Make a simple weight belt; Your guide to days in the sun; Work before you play; A handbook that has all the answers.
May–June: An experiment with constant volume; How it feels to dive to 300 feet; Eight men and a girl head south; Clear days off Africa; Dive of a lifetime; How we learned sponge diving the hard way.
July–August: (An emergency issue due to a printing dispute.) Paradise half a world away; Building cameras in the Brass Age; Has everybody seen the monster; Adventure at Algeciras.
September–October: Case of the diver who never was; Leicester’s landbound adventurers; Sights to be seen out west; Diving round the world.
November–December: Pegasus – wings beneath the waves; White collar divers; France’s fabulous frogmen; Another view of Ceylon; You too can be a bronze-man.

January–February: Youth takes the plunge; Divers in the glasshouse; Good hunting in Sicily; Plane madness!
March–April: Amid snow and ice; How to woo a scientist; Corsica; Under the tartan diving flag; Choose the right camera; The lumbering monsters of torbay;
May–June: Lifelike look at the Dead Sea; The boat that sank in the night; 24 centuries deep; Lion overboard; One for the pot.
July–August: Beyond normal limits; Made to measure for war; Mike Wilson’s new photographs; Your underwater camera; The lake I dived with; Brainwashed in the Red Sea.
September–October: Brighton Conference; World diving by Proteus; Windive III; Jane Baldassare and the Channel; Diving in Africa; Barcelona Congress.
November–December: All this at Windive III; An underwater weekend; The Channel story (part 2); Proprietor of the foggy furze; Courses at Plas-y-Brenin.

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