Triton Magazines, 1956–1958


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Triton bi-monthly magazine in official Triton binders.
6 issues per year. All copies have annotations on the covers.

June–July: Spearfishers attack ‘neglect’; Ministry enquiry on spearfishing; Fabulous bathyscape; Deep blue sea in colour; Getting to know the aqualung; Diving in Lake Erie.
August–September: Navy’s dive in Sor Fjord; Millions go diving; The story of Jersey; Torbay rally; Theatre in a pool.
October–November: Artificial respiration; Kingston gala; Devil on the reef; Underwater books; Underwater signals; Aquaplanes, axles and pearls.

January–February: Did oxygen kill again; Treasure og gold and tin; Nitrogen, the silent menace; Coral; First steps in diving; Photography in the Persian Gulf.
March–April: Capt. Cousteau’s own story; Super bathyscape; Diving in Devon; Guernsey, Bournemouth’s favourite haunts;
May–June: Andrea Doria, Sunny south to frozen north; Song of the waterboatmen; See you in Devon.
July–August: Life and death of a proud ship; Cap and gown – the aqualung; Andrea Doria; Diving in Antarctica.
September–October: Cover torn and scuffed. Another new world opens up in Canada; Missed feared drowned; Heaven at forty fathoms; There’s an awful lot of fish in Brazil; Devon.
November–December: Research team takes its first look round; Diving in Malta; Crazy rhythm that slows you up; What happens on the way down; War on bad equipment.

January–February: Majorca – home of an idyll; A pinch of science; Treasure trove full of air; Watertight camera case on the cheap; How we captured Jamaica.
March–April: Island in the sun; Oscar Gugen retires; Corrosion – a menace from the sea; How we’re solving divers’ problems.
May–June: What is the secret of the Pudding Pan?; Are those signals really necessary?; ‘Divers did a magnificent job’; Around the Med in 8- pages.
July–August: Brighter bottles break the law; Yankee Doodle diver; Deepest man alive; Tadpole hunt ended in tragedy; Across the North Sea – a coast as long the equator.
September–October: Lifesaving the skindiver’s way; The Blarney and the story; All Devon needs is people; How the muscle-men do it; Ringside seat – a fight to the death.
November–December: How Merseyside took to the water; Yankee Doodle diver; Oscar Gugen says ‘Thank you’; Spear fishermen make their international debut; Sting ray wins Maltese battle; For the record in 3D and in colour


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