Triton Magazine – 1973 & 1974


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Triton Magazine – 1973 & 1974 complete

Triton magazines in blue faux leather ‘Diver’ binder. Bi monthly.

January 1973 : Under Bavarian ice; Oyster farms; Armada gold.
March 1973: Wrecks around Agde; Flat fish and Picasso; The case or explosives; Punic wreck of Marsala.
May 1973: Treasure ship of the Out Skerries; Crawfish; Marine conservation.
July 1973: Jacques Cousteau; Raising the XE8; Pennekamp Park, Florida.
September 1973: Oceans 2000 – the 3rd World Congress; Tools for wreck excavation; Alan Bax and Jim Gill.
November 1973: Saving the seas; Diving in the future; Stopping the slaughter.
January 1974: Caves, crabs and Crocs; Diving with the Royal Navy; SS Atlantic.
March 1974: Lundy: Prince Charles as President; Essex diving.
May 1974: Diving off Typhoon Colony; Operation Whitley bomber; The cannon of Diamond Rock.
July 1974: Search for the 17th century warship; Expedition to the Indian Ocean; Lake district aircraft.
September 1974: The great X5 story; Japweed menace; Artifical reefs; Sule Skerry.
November 1974: Early days of British diving; Peter Small; Kaafjord.

225 mm x 315 mm (approx. 8.75 in x 12.5 in)
1973–74, British Sub-Aqua Club, London

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