The Undersea Challenge


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The Undersea Challenge
Second World Congress of Underwater Activities, London

Paperback in poor condition. Front cover discoloured with water(?) damage. Top outside edges of pages mottled. No damage to inside pages though.

Farming the Sea, Medical Frontiers of Diving, History under the Sea, Tools for the Job, Quest of the Sea.
Authors includeEarl Mountbatten of Burma, Gunnar Thorson, Dr. Albert Buhlmann, Val Hempleman, Albert Behnke, Pierre Cabarrou, Nic Flemming, Lino Pellegrini, Hans Hass, Hannes Keller and Dr Jacques Picard.

182 pages
Black and white illustrations
180 mm x 250 mm (7 in x 9.75 in)
1963, British Sub-Aqua Club.

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