The Search for Sunken Treasure, by R F and J Marx

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The Search for Sunken Treasure, Exploring the world’s greatest shipwrecks.
Robert F and Jenifer Marx

Hardback with dust jacket in as new condition. Reg Vallintine bookplate on inside front cover.  Includes a typed letter, signed by the author (Bob Marx) referring to Reg Vallintine’s mention in the book about an Etruscan wreck.

The Classical world
Scandinavian shipwrecks
The age of discovery
The Spanish galleons
The invincible armada
The Manila galleons
Bermuda, graveyard of ships
The East Indiamen
Privateers, Pirates and Mutineeers
Deep water shipwrecks

192 pages
Colour photographs throughout
225 mm x 287 mm (approx. 8.75 in x 11.25 in)
1993, Swan Hill Press

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