The Salvage of the Steamer Södra Sverige


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The Salvage of the Steamer Södra Sverige
by Herman A Ring
Translated from Swedish by D O Bell

Facsimile of a rare 1897 publication about the salvage of the Södra Sverige from 57 metres by means of the Wallerian Tube.

Södra Sverige went aground in 1895 in the Swedish archipelago and then sank in 57 m depth. At the time it was considered impossible to recover a vessel from that depth. This book is a detailed account of the salvage including costs and correspondence relating to the project. The salvage began in 1895 and was successfully raised 2 years later in time to tow her to the World Fair where King Oscar II went aboard.

The book was originally printed in Swedish but it was translated into English in 1897 when Sweden hosted the World Fair in Stockholm.
(Södra Sverige translates as “Southern Sweden”; she had a sister ship the Aeolus).

140 mm x 210mm (5.5 in x 8.25 in)
Black and while illustrations and photographs.

Reprinted by Svensk Dykerihistorisk Förening, Stockholm HDS Sweden)

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