The Hidden Menace, by Maurice Griffiths


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The Hidden Menace, Mine warfare: past, present and future
Maurice Griffiths

From the back cover: Of all forms of naval combat, mine warfare has always been the most sinister, indiscriminate and unseen, but in the past its psychological value has often outweighed its genuine potential for destruction. This is no longer true. Many Western experts believe that in any future war it would be the Soviet Union’s highly developed mine-laying forces that would present the greatest threat – not just to shipping as in the past but to the civilian population as a whole.

Hardback with dust jacket in fairly good condition; corners slightly rubbed; small tear to top of back cover. Mottling on endpapers.

Underwater groping; War of inventions; The mine shows its teeth; Ships have their signatures; Strategy – by the thousand; A secret is uncovered; Special presents for Vernon; Put that light out; Nice of them to tell us; Pressure on all fronts; Something of the future?

159 pages
A few black and white line drawings.
142 mm x 222 mm (approx. 5.5 in x 8.75 in)
1981, Conway Maritime Press, London

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