The Diver’s Medical Companion, by Dr R Thomas and Dr B McKenzie


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The Diver’s Medical Companion
by Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Bart McKenzie

Paperback in good condition. Speckling to the top edges of some of the pages (outside edge only) and tiny marks on back cover
Inscribed by one of the authors on inside front cover: ‘David [Elliot]. Hope to see you much more in future. Regards, Bob Thomas. 1988’.Contents: History of diving; diving apparatus in common use; physics of diving; physiology; psychological effects, exposure to cold and immersion; near drowning; salt water aspiration syndrome; dangerous marine animals; barotrauma; decompression sickness; dysbaric osteonecrosis; nitrogen narcosis; HPNS; oxygen toxicity; CO2 toxicity; hypoxia; hypocapnia; hearing loss; infections; underwater blast; breathing as contamination; unconsciousness; accident investigation; medical standards; training and safety; treatment facilities; RN tables; USN tables; treatment tables; resuscitation; tourniquets and ligatures.

184 pages, Black and white illustrations

137 mm x 210mm (approx. 5.5 in x 8.25 in)
1986, Diving Medical Centre

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