The Andrew and the Onions, by I Stranack


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The Andrew and the Onions, The story of the Royal Navy in Bermuda 1795–1975
Ian Stranack

St. Andrew is the Royal Navy’s patron saint and represents the RN in the title, while ‘onions’ (once a major export of Bermuda) now refers to its people.
This is a brief yet fairly detailed account of nearly 200 years of the Royal Navy’s influence in Bermuda. The many fortifications are an indicator of just how important this base was to Britain. In recent decades at least, this is a story of post-war decline as Britain redefined its diminished military role in the world.

Hardback with dust jacket in as new condition.

167 pages
B&W photographs and illustrations
160 mm x 235 mm (approx. 6.3 in x 9.25 in)
1990 (2nd ed), Bermuda Maritime Museum Press, Bermuda

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