Submarine Researches, by Charles Deane


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Facsimile of early diving book
Limited edition reproduction of an 1835 publication

In 1835 Charles Deane, co-inventor of the diving helmet, published a book called ‘Submarine Researches’.

It was the first book about diving using the diving helmet and dress, with air pumped down from the surface. This apparatus, with little modification, became the familiar ‘hard-hat’ or standard dress in use throughout the world. Originally intended for breathing in smoke-filled rooms, it was invented by Charles Deane and his younger brother John, who successfully carried out naval and commercial salvage, and civil engineering projects under water.

In his book Charles Deane illustrated, with extensive notes, some of his diving operations. By 1835 he had been so successful that he mounted a Submarine Exhibition in London’s Regent Street, for which he obtained royal patronage. ‘Submarine Researches‘ was published principally to promote the Exhibition, but it also provides us now with a valuable record of the first years of the diving industry. The Historical Diving Society ( produced a facsimile copy of Deane’s book with an introduction by Dr. John Bevan which tells the story of those pioneering years.

Hard backed with a dust jacket.
260 mm x 200 mm (10.25 in x 8 in)
24 pages of text
18 black and white illustrations.
A limited edition of 750 copies.

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