South From the Red Sea, by Haroun Tazieff


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South From the Red Sea
Haroun Tazieff

Geologist Haroun Tazieff explored the Red Sea bed with Capt Cousteau and his descriptions of under-sea are among the best ever written. He spent a night at the bottom of a volcanic crater, travelled through deserts, tested his theory that crocodiles will not attack a man underwater.
From the fly: “Tazieff writes wonderfully about the imaginative side of travel: its hardships and why they are worth enduring; its rewards and their greatness.”

Hardback with dust jacket. Dust jacket in poor condition: edges torn with pieces missing.  Half title page inscribed in a child’s hand, ‘Iona Jones’ who may have been responsible forthe removal of a page of photographs between pages 80 and 81.

213 pages
Black and white photographs
143 mm x 222 mm (5.5 in x 8.75 in)
Undated, The Travel Book Club, London

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