Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference, 2014


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Proceedings of the 24th Annual Historical Diving Conference, Poole, 2014


Gary Wallace-Potter: C. E. Heinke & Co. – The Rise and Fall of a Nineteenth-Century Diving Company.
Dr. Innes McCartney: The ‘Tin-Openers’ – Myth and Reality: Intelligence from U-boat Wrecks during World War 1.
Wally Wallace: Salvage of the Russian Submarine Kursk.
Karina Kowalska: Forever Amber – A History of the Baltic Amber Diving Industry.

Introductions by Mike O’Meara

Editor: Nigel Phillips

Paperback, stapled.
200 mm x 260 mm (approx 8 in x 10.25 in)
52 pages
Black and white. 51 illustrations.
Published 2015.

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