Proceedings of 7th Annual Congress of EUBS and Symposium on Decompression Sickness, 1985


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Proceedings of 7th Annual Congress of European Undersea Biomedical Society and Symposium on Decompression Sickness, 1985, Vols 1&2, 1981
Editors P B James, R I McCallum, Sir J S P Rawlins

Perfect (glue) bound paperback. Cover inscribed with ‘Draft’ and ‘D H Elliott’. Title is hand written on the spine. Notes and doodles on back page. Smudge of Tippex[?] at bottom of inside front cover. First page coming loose at top  (see images), but all other pages in good condition.

Contents include:
Neurological decompression sickness
Applied anatomy and physiology of spinal cord
Paraplegia caused by diving
Pathology of spinal cord lesions in goats
Medical aspects of amateur diving
Cold and the amateur diver
The treatment of neurological decompression sickness
Problem areas in the therapy of neurological decompression sickness
Basis for drug therapy in decompression sickness

205 pages
A few B&W photographs
210 mm x 297 mm (8.256 un x 11.75in)

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