Oceans – a mini encyclopaedia, by Miles Kelly

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Oceans is a small book – only 13cm x 16.5cm that is just jam packed with everything you would ever want to know about the Oceans. It is quite fat – it’s 2.5cm thick (about 1 inch) – but how else could you get in all the answers to all your questions?

It has three colour coded sections: Ocean features, Ocean Life, and Exploration and Travel.

There’s a new subject for every page spread.  It includes information on underwater volcanoes, natural treasures (like pearls) and how the oceans are changing. The Ocean Life section covers sponges to whales (and everything in between). You will even find famous explorers (like Eric the Red) in the Exploration and Travel section (where there is even a page about diving! Yay!!).

The great thing is that it is so easy to read.  It has just enough information on just about everything.
It has hundreds of photos and pictures and amazing fact panels so it is also fun to just browse.

Its a great book for a long journey or a school project on the oceans. I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for in this mighty mini book.

13 cm x 16.5 cm (about 5 in x 6.5in)

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