Narrative of the Loss of the Mary Rose – ‘REPLICA’


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In 1844 small books recounting the loss of the Mary Rose were published under the title, ‘Narrative of the Loss of the Mary Rose at Spithead, July 30 1545‘. They were bound in wooden covers made from the wood of the wreck. They are now collectors items costing hundreds of pounds each.

In 2015 John Towse, one of the Mary Rose divers, self-published a small paperback book reproducing the pages of the original book adding an introduction and two images that are referred to in the text. He donated the books to the Historical Diving Society.

John died in 2016 and his booklets have sold out. As a tribute to him we have reproduced his book in the style of the original ‘wooden’ books of the Mary Rose. Please note, these books are not replicas of the original books. They reproduce the pages of the original book and include John’s Introduction and a Foreword by John and Ann Bevan.

Each book is entirely hand made with hand-cut pages and covers. No two are identical.
The books are 85 mm x 110mm (approx. 3.3 in x 4.3 in) with varnished plywood covers and faux leather spine.

It is a limited edition of only 30 numbered copies.

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