My Adventures Under the Red Sea, by J Foucher-Créteau


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My Adventures Under the Red Sea
Jean Foucher-Créteau

From the fly leaf: M. Foucher-Creteau is Vice-President of the Underwater Hunters’ and Explorers’ Club of France. In this exciting book he vividly relates a series of hair-raising adventures, particularly encounters with big groupers, rays and sharks. He deliberately sought out these tougher species of undersea game while diving with camera and harpoon-gun off the Canaries, the Cape Verde Islands and in the Red Sea (where he nearly lost a leg) as well as in the Mediterranean. These breathtaking episodes are illustrated by some of the most thrilling photographs ever published. The author and his friends are all amateur divers. They have built up their reputations as expert and daring pioneers of this submerged world of new beauty and terror, not by devoting all their time to it, but in the intervals of earning an ordinary living on dry land. This book is a ‘must’ for everyone interested in any aspect of this most novel and absorbing of all sports.

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane cover. Front endpaper has been removed and the back endpaper has been clipped. Rust coloured marks on pp 99–102.

162 pages
B&W photographs
137 mm x 205 mm (approx. 5.3 in x 8 in)
1957, Frederick Muller Ltd, London

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