Mugs – set of four diving helmet mugs


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Set of four mugs that would feel at home in any home, office, kitchen, studio, workshop, garden … perhaps even underwater, seeing as they are diving helmet mugs!

Each mug depicts a classic British diving helmet from 1828 to 1902.

The four helmets are: The Deane helmet, an early Augustus Siebe 12-bolt helmet, the Heinke ‘Pearler’ and the Siebe Gorman 6-bolt.

Each mug has two views of each helmet (front and side view) and a short sentence about the helmet on the back. The mugs are a glossy deep blue with black and white line drawings of the helmets, white handle and white interior.

Dimensions: 93mm x 80mm. 330ml.




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Dimensions 28 × 20 × 10 cm