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JOHN LETHBRIDGE by Michael Fardell

John Lethbridge was without doubt the most successful salvage diver of the eighteenth century.

In 1715, “being quite reduc’d and having a large family” he invented a new kind of diving apparatus that enabled him to work more efficiently under water.

For more than forty years he was actively engaged in the salvage of shipwrecks in England, Ireland, the Madeira and Cape Verde Islands, South Africa and America, recovering considerable quantities of treasure and other goods for the Dutch and English East India Companies, the Royal Navy and other owners. Although his apparatus, or ‘engine’, was copied by his contemporaries, none was able to match his achievements and it would not be until the nineteenth century, when improved diving equipment became available that others would rival him.

This book is the first full-length account of his life and exploits and is based on original research in the archives of a number of countries. It is the most complete and authoritative account of this remarkable man.

Hardback with dust jacket
197 mm x 253 mm (7.75 in x 10 in)
101 pages
Published 2010

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