International Journal of Nautical Archaeology Vol. 2, No.1


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International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Vol. 2, Number 1
Editor: Joan du Plat Taylor

Paperback. Fair condition. Cover has been protected by clear

Inscribed on inside front cover: ‘Salford Sub Aqua Club Library’ with BSAC stamp

Ancient wrecks and the archaeology of ships, Lucien Basch
Al Gran Grifon, An armada wreck on Fair Isle, C J M Martin
The wreck of the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam near Hastings, 1749, Peter Marsden
Port Royal, Jamaica. The archaeology problems and potential, P & P A Mayes
The discovery of a Punic ship, H Frost
Further early evidence of hull sheathing, D J Blackman
The Graveney boat: a pre-Conquest discovery in Kent, V H Fenwick
Blackfriars wreck III, P Marsden
The Mary Rose, 1971, M Rule
A mid-17th century merchant ship found near Mullion Cove, Cornwall, McBride, Larn and Davis
Mewstone Ledge site, Middlewood and Ashdown
A Portuguese wreck off Mombasa, Kenya, Kirkman and Bently-Buckle
The Restigouche excavation, W Zacharchuk
A sea-faring merchant-smith from Ugarit and the Cape Gelidonya wreck, E Linder
An underwater measuring deice, Leonard and Scheifele
Controlled airlifting in sand-filled harbours, J D Lewis
Sub-bottom survey of Porto Longo harbour, Peleponnesus, Greec, D Frey
Packing and transporting the Graveney boat, W A Oddy
Thoughts on the recording of old ships, V H Fenwick
A tool for deep-water archaeology, W Bascom
Precision underwater photomosaic techniques for archaeological mapping, D Rebikoff

228 pages. Black and white drawings and photos throughout.

Seminar Press, London, March 1973
175 mm x 250 mm (approx. 7 in x 10 in)

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