International Journal of Diving History, Vol. 13, May 2021


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The International Journal of Diving History is a collection of scholarly papers on various aspects of diving history. It is published by the Society.


Mikhail Britnev – The Founder of the First Private Commercial Diving School in Russia
Arina Melnikova, HDS Russia

Rekord – The First Industrially Manufactured Diving Apparatus in Czechoslovakia
Dušan Šuráni, HDS Czech Republic

Engineering a Human Torpedo: Admiralty Experimental Diving Unit
High Pressure Oxygen Research at the Siebe-Gorman Company 1942-1945
James Esposito, The Ohio State University

A New Hypothesis on Francesco De Marchi (1504-1576) and his Dives in Lake Nemi in 1535
Michael Jung, Historisches Institut der Universitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken

Siebe Gorman Submarine Electric Torches and Lamps
Dr Michael Burchett and Robert Burchett, HDS

French Longboat Disaster in River Shannon – A Treasure in Waiting?
Dr Edward J Bourke, HDS

The Mystery of the Salvage of Vasa’s Guns
Jens Riise Kristensen and Sven Erik Jørgensen, HDS Denmark
Translated by Richard Walsby

Recovering Guns from the Mary Rose
Peter Dick, HDS



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86 pages
Colour illustrations throughout.
ISBN: 978-0-9935076-5-6
Volume 13, May 2021

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