International Journal of Diving History, Vol 9, 2017


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The International Journal of Diving History is a collection of scholarly papers on various aspects of diving history. It is published by the Society.


Diving Bells and the Post Office: The construction of a new wharf at Hobbs’ Point, Milford Haven for the Post Office Packet Boat Service, 1829-1834.
by Michael Fardell, HDS

The Ichtyandre (1901) of Etienne Peau –  An Autonomous Diving Suit Forgotten by History.
by Patrick M Arnaud and John M Beurois 

The Diving Machine of the Brothers MØller.
by Sven Erik JØrgensen, Dykkehistorisk Selskab (HDS Denmark)Translated by Finn Linnemann, Dykkehistorisk Selskab (HDS Denmark)

Was it the Diving Machine, that made Johan Peter Wishoff Møller ill?
by Psychiatrist Jens Lund Ahrenkiel MD, Dykkehistorisk Selskab (HDS Denmark)
Translated by Finn Linnemann, Dykkehistorisk Selskab (HDS Denmark)

The Glaucus Project
by Dr. Colin Irwin, HDS

John Lethbridge’s Dive Times: An Unresolved Problem
by Trevor Newman, HDS

Bibliography for Siebe Gorman, Heinke and Royal Navy Diving Literature, and Some Further Historical Reading  (1840 to 2010)
by Dr. Michael Burchett, HDS, and Robert Burchett, HDS


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104 pages
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ISBN: 978-0-9935076-1-8
Volume 9, January 2017

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