Illustrated Catalogue of Diving Apparatus, by Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd


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Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd, Illustrated Catalogue of Diving Apparatus, Diving bells, rock drills, salvage pumps, exploders and other submarine appliances
Siebe, Gorman & Co Ltd

Comb-bound photocopy of Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd’s 1905 sales catalogue. Clear plastic cover, blue card back cover.
Includes pumps, diving helmets, diving dress, lamps, diving bells, air compressors, rock drilling machines, pneumatic tools, exploding machines, selection of divers, deep sea salvage, harbour works,

110 pages
B&W photographs (photocopy); Cover only in colour.
215 mm x 278 mm (8.5 in x 11 in)
1905, Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd, Neptune Works, London

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