HDT Issue 67


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Autumn 2018

No. pages 52

‘Booby trapped against removal’, by Jan Meacham
‘The Paris Aquarium at the 1900 World Fair (Universal Exhibition)’, by Philippe Damon
‘The original Deane helmets – a timeline of interventions’, by George Kamarinos (HDS Germany)
‘Stephen Hales and the Invention of the ‘Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus”,’ by Richard Walsby
‘Diver Smale and the Octopus’, by Frank S Smith
”Sogers’ deserve recognition’, by Peter Dick
‘Early diving experiences in Southern Australia’, by Chris Vonderborsch
‘Diver Threadgold takes a tipple’, by Phil Thurtle

Obituaries: Ray Sutcliffe, Terry Nash

ISSN 1368-0390

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