Dykning og Dykkere i Danmark, by Dykkehistorisk Selskab


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Dykning og Dykkere i Danmark gennem to arhundreder
(Divers and Diving in Denmark through two centuries)
Dykkehistorisk Selskab, (Diving History Society)

Paperback in very good condition. Peter Dick ‘Ex Libris’ stamp on end endpaper.

The need to dive; Bell divers; New diving devices; Diving apparatus in Denmark 1837-47; The Norwegian Navy establishes the first diving school; the Hansens Patent 2-bolt helmet; From air to pure oxygen; Heavy diving without a surface supply; Many facets of diving; Divers organise themselves; Certification; Rescue divers; New appliances and possibilities; Sports diving; Danish equipment manufacturers.

197 pages
B&W and colour photographs throughout
175 mm x 238 mm (approx. 7 in x 9.5 in)
2021, Dykkehistorisk Selskab, (Diving History Society, Denmark)

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