Diving and Salvage, by Bolt Hammond


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Diving and Salvage
Bolt Hammond
The Mechanical Age Library edition

A classic diving/salvage book from the 1960s.
From the first page: ‘There are few fields of human activity to which so much skill and courage have been devoted as in diving and salvage. Today the diver is a highly skilled man whose work is aided by scientists and doctors, and he has the very latest equipment in order to be able to work under otherwise impossible conditions. In recent years some spectacular salvage achievements have been undertaken, including the recovery of gold from the liner Egypt, the rising of many German warships in Scapa Flow and the recovery of the 300 year-old Swedish sailing ship Vasa – the exciting details of which are here described in full.”

Hardback. No dust jacket. Deep scratch on front cover; spine faded, especially at the top. Front endpaper has been torn out and has damaged inside front cover. Inside pages in good condition.

Contents: Modern diving gear, Underwater tools and equipment, Diving dangers and research, Deep-water salvage, Raising a fleet, Notable salvage achievements, Unusual salvage operations.

143 pages
Black and white photographs and illustrations
130 mm x 190 mm (approx. 5 in x 7.5 in)
1964, Frederick Muller Limited, London

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