Divers of WWII – Vol 1: The P Parties, by Ginge Fullen QGM


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Divers of WWII – Vol. 1, The P Parties (The Human Minesweepers)
Ginge Fullen QGM

The personal stories of the men of the Port Clearance Parties who cleared the ports and harbours of Europe and the Far East at the end of the Second World War. Remarkable stories of outstanding courage and achievement.

Volume 1 of a new series of books about Divers of World War 2.
Part of a series entitled ‘Chronicles of a Clearance Diver’ in large format.

Paperback. Heavily illustrated with photographs.

176 pages
B&W and colour photographs
310 mm x281 mm (approx. 12.25 in x 11 in)
2024, self-published

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