Diver magazines, 1960s


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Diver magazines dating from the 1960s. Two tone covers; Black and white photographs inside. Paperbacks. 170 mm x 230 mm. 36-40 pages (incl. cover). All in worn condition. Where we have multiple copies, we will send you the best copy we have.

Feb 1963: On the track of the Bounty by Alexander McKee, Navy divers by John Grantham; Wreck School by Roger Jefferis; The Journey Downward by Mike Busuttili; the case for Aluminium by Anthony Reynolds.

Feb-March 1964: Biological course by William Butland; Sogetram’s Deep Dive by Tony Sugden; Wreck School by Roger Jefferis; World Spearfishing Championship by Mike Davies.

April-May 1964: Meocaph by Roger Bruce; Ear clearing by Duilio Marcante; The Octopus and I by Reg Vallintine; Surplus cylinders by J R Phoenix; Underwater Cameras.

June-July 1964: The Drake Technique by Alexander McKee; Close-ups Underwater by Geoff Harwood; Amberjacks ahoy by A Rendle; Shark! by Walt Deas; The future of British Diving by Roger Bruce; Training Schemes by Neil Adams.

Aug-Sept 1964: Build yourself a sub by George Cooke; Pakenham of the Saldanha by E Cossum; Marineland at Manly by Pat Healy; Florida spearfishing by Dick Rice; Your life in your hands by Alexander McKee; Big bad John by Neil Adams; Goring’s Bunkers by Marian Majchrzak.

Oct-Nov 1964: Benn Cropp by Pat Healy; Who ‘done’ Jules by Roger Bruce; Tahiti by Walt Deas; 5 degrees to Boo-Hoo by Ricky Vahan; Les Profondeurs de Zembra by Dick Harris; Project Sealab by Jacky Lindhurst; Lost Queenslanders by Walt Deas; Build yourself a submarine by George Cooke.

Feb-Mar 1965: Photography the Sillner Way by Ludwig Sillner; Holidays beneath the sea; The day the rains came by Brian Booth; Steel cylinder production by Chesterfield Tube Co; Port Yorrock wreck by Dave McCue; BEA Club accident.

September 1965: Upshot 4 trials; It’s cold down there by John Betts; A whale of a shark by Ben Cropp; Wreck of the Royal George by Alexander McKee; Red Sea holiday; Do it yourself by Geoff Harwood; Underwater Demolition Teams by US Navy.

November 1965: There is a 4mm hole punched right through the middle of this copy. All the text is still readable.
Underwater Demolition Teams by the US Navy; Escondida Cove wreck by  D Bruce-Jones; In the Red by Mike Busuttili; Anglers vs. Spearmen by Brian Hesketh; Police search by J Wickenden; Diving watches.

Dec-Jan 1965: Sea snakes by Ron Taylor; O death! by George Fuller; Eilat Red Sea Reserve by Gillian Edwards; Baltic mystery by Marian Maichrzak; Gift giving by Jackie Lindhurst; Photography the Sillner way by Ludwig Sillner; AMBA survey by Michael S Walker; Anchors aweigh bu Chris Champ.

June 1966: Working divers by J Lindbergh;Shark! by Pat Healy; Diving off Bulgaria; Instructors Association off to  good start; Bill de Court; Diving watches





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