Diver Magazine, 1983


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Diver Magazine, 1983

11 issues in official ‘Diver’ blue ‘faux leather binder. Silver foil title on spine.

January: Lusitania; 9 diving deaths.
February: The East Indiaman Banda; Breda;
March: Raising the Loch Diin Spitfire; The devilfish of El Bajo.
April: missing
May: Seydlitz in Scapa Flow; Diving with seals; Svecia; Crystal Palace Exhibition.
June: Using VHF; London Police Underwater Search Unit; Miown.
July: Unexploded bombs underwater; DIY submariner.
August: The Cayman Islands; Mi Amigo, the Radio Caroline wreck.
September: Best of the Bahamas; Diving with your own computer.
October: Diving on War Graves; HMS Breadalbane; Women in Diving
November: Sylvia Earle; Nuclear dumping; At the Arnhem Bridgehead.
December: Women in diving; Depth gauges;

Binder: 218 mm x 315 mm (8.5 in x12.5 in)
1984, Eaton Publications, London

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