Diver Magazine 1979


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Diver Magazines – 1979 Feb–Dec

10 issues of Diver magazine in an official blue faux leather Diver magazine binder.

1979  February–March, May–December
January 1979: missing
February 1979: Chagos sharks; Hunting sea snakes at Sitting Cat Island; Midget submarines and the Tirpitz; the World’s cheapest one-man submarine; St. Kilda diving.
March 1979: Diving with sperm whales; RN diving methods; Amberley wreck.
April 1979: missing
May 1979: Olive Branch wreck; Navy deep diving; Peter Reiserer ,photographer.
June 1979: Diving with Polar bears; Affray.
July 1979: Raising a Soviet Golf-II class sub; Dolphins at Monkey Mia,Australia; Stoney Cove.
August 1979: Death of Philippe Cousteau; Rescuing the rescuer; Women of Chagos; Isles of Harris and Lewis
September 1979: How pure is your air?; Ammunition underwater; Sicily underwater photography.
October 1979: Royal Oak, Scapa Flow; Prince Charles – How I dived the Mary Rose.
November 1979: Almiranta; Underwater photography competition results.
December 1979: 200 hours in the Neritica habitat in the Red Sea; Creating music underwater; Preussen wreck.

Binder: 218 mm x 315 mm (8.5 in x12.5 in)
1984, Eaton Publications, London

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