Deep Trials Unit: Handbook of Diving Chambers and Ancillary Equipment, by AMTE/EDU


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Deep Trials Unit (Alverstoke), Handbook of Diving Chambers and Ancillary Equipment

Pale green vinyl looseleaf 4-ring binder with several fold-out pages. Cover lightly marked; ink from print has transferred to patches on the inside front cover and back cover. Good condition.

Contents incude:
Section 1: General Description
Section 2: Diving Chambers
Section 3: Ancillary Services – HP Air/gas storage and distribution; cryogenic helium recovery; chamber HP inlet/exhaust valves; control and instrumentation; ancillary plant circulating water system; electro-katadyne apparatus; micro-biological water filtration unit; diving chamber water service and refrigeration plant; communications and TV monitoring.

B&W photographs and illustrations
270 mm x 297 mm (approx. 10.5 in x 11.75)
1974, AMTE/EDU

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