Deep Sea Trail Breaker construction toy


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Dive deep to mine for precious Kyanite crystals with the Deep Sea Trail Breaker.

The Kyanite Squad are back! They are scouring the deepest parts of the oceans for precious bright blue Kyanite crystals.
This trail breaker is a seabed crawler with 6 powerful tractor wheels and a solid tracks for extra manoeuvrability over rocky seabed surfaces.
The Trail breaker is manned by a team of three – a driver and two deep sea explorers.
Their mission is to carve the way through subsea obstructions to gain access to the rich seams of Kyanite crystals buried in the rocks of the some of the deepest parts of the oceans. The divers act as guards to protect the team from dangerous sea creatures and also to collect Kyanite crystals as they are freed from the subterranean rocks. Vast riches are theirs for the taking but only if they overcome the perils of working at such depths.

There is no end to the adventures our intrepid explorers can have!

Age 6+
119 pieces

Please note: This is not Lego; it is compatible with Lego.
The box 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 4 cm. Full instructions are included in the box.

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