Deep Sea Survey Boat


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Dive deep to search for precious Kyanite crystals with the Deep Survey Boat

The Kyanite Squad are back! They are scouring the deepest parts of the oceans for precious blue Kyanite crystals.
Before any mining can start, the survey team have to explore the deepest reaches of the ocean in search of Kyanite deposits. Their discoveries will activate the whole Squad by directing them to the most promising sites on the seabed,
The Deep Sea Survey Boat can ‘fly’ through the water with ease. It has two manipulators for picking up Kyanite samples from the seabed and two fearless diver-explorers to collect loose samples for the team to examine..
Their duties including protecting the team from dangerous sea creatures by using the weapons carried on the survey boat.
These are the real treasure hunters of the team. One they find the bright blue crystals the whole team can be deployed to bring the treasure back to the surface.

Age 6+
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Please note: This is not Lego; it is compatible with Lego.
The box 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 4 cm. Full instructions are included in the box.

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