Deep Sea Mining Robot construction toy


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Dive deep to mine for precious Kyanite crystals with the Deep Sea Mining Robot.

The Kyanite Squad are back! They are searching the deepest parts of the oceans for the precious bright blue Kyanite crystals.
This mining robot is manned by a team of three – a driver and two deep sea explorers.
The robot has two powerful manipulator arms and two sturdy legs to allow it to move across the sea bed to the where the Kyanite seams are richest. The ‘glass’ cockpit of the robot gives the operator an uninterrupted view of the seabed as the platform can turn rotate through 360 degrees while drilling to find Kyanite seams. What can’t be collected with the submarine’s manipulator arms can be retrieved by the two divers.

There is no end to the adventures our intrepid explorers can have!

Age 6+
131 pieces

Please note: This is not Lego; it is compatible with Lego.
The box 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 4 cm. Full instructions are included in the box.

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