Deadwater Deep, by T Strong


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Deadwater Deep
by Terence Strong


Paperback in fair condition. Cover creased at leading corners. Spine creased.
First page stamped with ‘Barter Books, Northumberland’ in lower corner.

Blurb from the back cover:
Following the British handover of Hong Kong a secret long-term intelligence plan is revealed to the new Prime Minister in London – a plan to counter China’s strategy for world domination, its frightening growth in economic and military might, and to set free one fifth of the world’s population from the yoke of Communism.
The instruments on which success depends are John Dancer, the American CIA agent who knows the plan and who has seen too much and the lovely Lily Cheung, shy and haunted by her shadowy past. And ‘Project Deadwater’, which pushes Anglo-American stealth submarine technology to its limits, demanding total dedication and selfless courage from the SAS and SEAL teams it will secretly put ashore on the Chinese mainland.
The most audacious power-broking game in history must come with the highest sanction. But no-one has yet told the President of the United States …

549 pages
111 mm x 180 mm (approx. 4.5 in x 7 in)
1999, Arrow Books

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