Crosscurrents, by W A Silverman


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by William A Silverman


Hardback with dust jacket in as new condition.

“Crosscurrents,” while a work of fiction, is solidly based on fact. It is a story of betrayal, loyalty, greed, and the remarkable bonding between men and women of opposing convictions when confronted by a life-threatening common enemy.
After successfully toppling the U.S.-backed Cuban dictatorship, the legendary Che Guevara moved his armed revolution worldwide. With only the support of his close friend Fidel Castro in Cuba and sometimes China, he quickly became a key player in the Cold War, hated and hunted by both the U.S. and Soviet Union. Crosscurrents is a sometimes-brutal tale of desperate men fighting against odds in the jungles of the Congo and in Bolivia and ventures into the hostile depths of the South Atlantic in the world’s first deep diving submarine. This is a novel that captures the actuality of the world after World War II when a realignment of Super Powers threatened each other with nuclear destruction. Caught between them were millions of people whose lives were controlled by oppressive governments, countries with riches all the Super Powers plotted to seize.

290 pages.
160 mm x 235 mm (approx. 6.25 in x 9.25 in)
2002, Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc, Pittsburgh

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