Crabbgate, by John Bevan


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In the early morning of 10 April 1956, Commander Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb entered the water near South Railway Jetty in Portsmouth Harbour to inspect the hull of a visiting Russian warship for MI6 in direct defiance of Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden’s orders not to do so. Commander Crabb was never seen alive again. A young Daily Mail journalist, Peter Marshall, was first to reveal the incident and the subsequent attempts to cover it up. Without a body, wild speculation and a plethora of conspiracy theories proliferated. The discovery of a body 18 months later did little to suppress the conspiracy fever which was fuelled further when the government extended the embargo on releasing the official documents to 100 years. Crabbgate documents the known facts; postulates the most likely sequence of events; reveals the bungling attempts at concealment by the government, MI6 and the Admiralty; investigates possible reasons for the continuing embargo and questions the need for continued concealment of the truth.

184 mm x 285 mm (7.25 in x 9 in)
200 pages
Black and white photgraphs.
Submex Limited, UK

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